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At a time when colleagues were hitting their mid-career strides, Steve Lobel was mired in failure. On the brink of bankruptcy, Lobel had no income, no savings, no job, no career—and, it seemed, no future. The business he had purchased twenty months earlier had collapsed, a misfortune he had brought largely on himself by breaking every rule of sound business. This was the same man who a few years before had opened the gourmet market Cowan & Lobel in Albany, New York, only to lose the store at the height of its success. These back-to-back debacles were the most dramatic episodes in a history of setbacks that repeatedly thwarted the striving entrepreneur well into his forties.

Today, two decades later, Steve Lobel is a thriving businessman and philanthropist. Failing My Way to Success: Life Lessons of an Entrepreneur tells how the author turned defeat to his advantage and ultimate triumph. Over the course of dashed dreams, faulty judgment, and headstrong pride, failure became Lobel’s most effective teacher. Equal parts memoir and guidebook, Failing My Way to Success is full of practical lessons and inspirational advice for the business student, young entrepreneur, mid-career seeker, and anyone confronting defeat on the way to prosperity, stability, and peace of mind.


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